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Mike “Johnny Guitar" Blommer
guitar, vocals, songwriter

Co-founder of Bad News Blues Band, Mike's playing is powerful and passionate without being overblown. The rich rhythmic phrasing that is his trademark subtly discloses his early training on drums. Dismissing the boundaries of the fret board, he explores and finds exactly the note he wants. He plays from the heart, giving soulful nods to blues guitar legends Freddy King, Buddy Guy and Albert Collins.

Mike authors many of the band's popular tunes and his lead vocals set a strong foundation for much of their four-part harmony.

One More and I Gotta Go, first released on ARV's 1997 Bad news indeed!, is the most frequently downloaded blues song on the internet.
Mike received the 1999 TAMMIES Award for Electric Guitarist of the Year and in 2000 was named Electric Guitarist of the Year and Male Vocalist of the Year.

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